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Press Play!

Gag-O-Gram /Bananagramfor Courtney's birthday!!!  

"80's Diva" Surprised Aaron on his 30th birthday

The "Crazy Cowgirl" surprised Terry on her birthday!!!

The "Mobster" surprised a flash mob before their performance at Bankers Hall for Wellspring Calgary. She was also interviewed by Shaw TV.

Clare was visited by "Shannon Joplin" on her birthday!!!   

The "Disco Diva" surprised Hannah on her birthday!!!

Michelle was visited by the "Singing Nun" on her 18th birthday!!!

The "Love Bug" surprises Ryan on his Wedding Anniversary!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

"Carrie Underarm" surprised Denice on her birthday!!!

On the serious side.... Happy 50th Anniversary!!!

The "Purple Fairy" surprised Phyllis on her 70th birthday!!!

Julie was visited by the "Disco Diva" on her birthday!!!  

Ryan was visited by the "French Maid" on his birthday!!!

Shannon Shade surprises Eric Francis on his 40th, live on JACK FM!

Shannon Shade serenades Mayor Naheed Nenshi on Canada Day!
Shannon Shade at the Inglewood Sunfest in Calgary!