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"Gizmo Girl"
From the classic movie, Gremlins, this character is designed to be a little mischievous, but mainly sweet. Just don’t feed it after midnight. Great for 80’s parties, Valentine’s Day and more. A blast from the past!  



"The Purple Fairy"

This purple fairy comes from a faraway land called Purpletown. Granting wishes and singing are her specialties. Book her today and she will fly to your event no matter how far.


"The Genie / Amazing Psychic"
This Genie needs a new master. She will grant 3 wishes and sing a customized song to the  tune of your choice. Optional is the Bad Psychic character that will come in and give a fake reading.


"The Dolphin"

What is an ocean animal that is loved by millions? That would be the playful creature known as the Dolphin. This singing creature will swim to your event and do family friendly tricks. 


"Lady In The Cake"
This sweet surprise takes the cake when it comes to celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, bachelorette parties, and special events. Hire her today and you're in for a real treat!  You can also mix and match costumes...
"Out of the Blue" 
This Blue Martianette will appear "out of the blue" to surprise you! Experience the ultimate intergalactic singing telegram when you order this spacey Alien. 


"The Old Maid / Bag Lady"

In the tiny village of Ramsay lives an old maid. In spite of her old age, she still parties like a homeless rock star. With the energy of a 20 year old, she will crash your party and bust a move with a customized song just for you. 

  "Crazy Cowgirl" 
This Crazy Cowgirl will add a little Country & Western flare to your party. Giddy up and go crazy to the toe tapping' tunes that she brings.
  "The Gorgeous Ghost Buster"
Who you gonna call? Well, first you're gonna call Calgary Singing Telegrams and order the Gorgeous Ghost Buster. Instead of using her Proton Pack to capture slimy ghosts, she'll use it to capture an audience and serenade the recipient.

  "The Love Bug"
Get bitten by the Love Bug...well, not literally. Sending your sweetheart or secret crush this telegram is sure to spice up their day.

Great for Valentine's Day!
  "Lady Luck"
Bring a little luck to those who are retiring, moving away, graduating, getting married, etc. 
Roll the dice. You're sure to win with this singing telegram.

"The Disco Diva"
This Disco Diva is super groovy. Sporting funky clothes and a HUGE afro, she will groove to any tune that you choose.

This law enforcer will barge in on any office meeting or party to bust the recipient for a variety of reasons before singing a special song.  Answers provided by our questionnaire will help us to create the perfect scenario. 

 "The Foxy Firefighter"
Where there's smoke there's fire and where there's fire there's really hot firefighters. Well, sometimes.
Armed with a giant water gun, this firefighter will rush to the scene of any party.

This bananagram is sure to a-peel to your sense of humor. 
Show your sweetheart that you are bananas over them.

It's peanut butter jelly time!

"Trailer Trash Trina"
Well, butter my buns and call me a biscuit.
This messy-haired blonde may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but can she ever belt out a song. Invite her to your next party and she'll add a little redneck fun to any occasion.

  "The 80's Diva"
This totally awesome 80's diva will bring a blast from the past to any occasion. 
Great for a comical Cyndi Lauper impersonation.

"Carrie Underarm"
This country singing superstar will dazzle the crowd with her amazing voice and huge personality. 
   "Santa's Little Helper"
Want to spread some Christmas
cheer? Santa's little helper is here!
Order a customized Christmas Carol to roast your unsuspecting boss or loved one. Of course, this little green elf is available for singing telegrams year-round.
"Fire Goddess"
This Fire Goddess is sure to heat things up. Being mischievous and hot-headed is all part of her devilish charm.

"Pregnant One Night Stand"

I’m pregnant with triplets and they are YOURS! At least that’s what my psychic told me. Hire me to surprise your boss, husband, brother, cousin, etc. I will get information from you so that I know ALL about them beforehand. Customized song included.


"Miss Pumpkin"
Miss pumpkin is weird, wacky and wonderful. Her appearance at your party is sure to create a buzz.  In October, she is also available for your Halloween functions, to help both kids and adults celebrate.


"Rawk Star"
This Rawk Star is all about good times. She leads a very flamboyant lifestyle and loves to crash parties.

 RedMask.jpg picture by shadeshade 

"Queen of Hearts"
Cut off their heads!  Stealing hearts with her charm, this Quirky Queen will light up a room with a playful presentation. Great for any party or celebration. 

   "The Singing Nun"
No matter what she's doing, this singing nun will drop everything like a bad habit if you invite her to sing at your event. Her voice is heavenly, though she can really belt out some good old rock n' roll tunes if requested to do so. Perfect for any occasion and great for a laugh.

"The Disco Diva Nurse"
 Time to groove and move with the smooth Disco Diva Nurse.
 Great for birthdays and hospital visits, this funky lady will give the recipient a funky physical and then sing a song to celebrate his/her clean bill of health.


  "Wonder Woman"
WOW! Talk about a wonder-full woman!
This Amazon beauty has been given her extraordinary powers and vocal abilities by the Greek gods and goddesses. Book this singing superhero today!

"The French Maid"
Ooo La La!
She has a  perky and pristine uniform that's sure to get their attention.
 With great housekeeping skills and musical abilities combined, this customized telegram is designed to clean up your act.
Oui Oui!


"Naughty Nurse"
The Naughty Nurse is great for any event. She will do things like make sure that you are "fit enough to have a birthday", "healthy enough to get married", "old enough to retire", etc.

    "The Singing Leprechaun" 
Order this telegram and you'll
find your lucky charms at the end of the rainbow.

"The Musical Mountie"
Looking for a Patriotic telegram? Send them this enthusiastic Mountie. Great for any occasion.  
 LoveChild.jpg picture by shadeshade "Love Child" 
This Love Child offers good vibes where ever she goes. Boasting a big smile, this hippie girl will sing songs of peace and love to uplift your group.

We can do Janis Joplin impersonations too!


"The Blue Geisha"
 She will draw attention to the recipient and serenade them with a song.  Optional, the traditional look;  black Asian wig and white makeup.